Artist Statement

There often exists a disconnect between the natural world and the constructed human world. This separation is highlighted by a tendency to objectify the earth’s biosphere - to view it as a backdrop, rather than as something we are a part of. I live on an island where relationships with ecosystems are magnified by human impact and I question the validity of some of our interactions. I am interested in probing this tension through concepts of impermanence, fragmentation, and traces of life left behind.  I integrate a wide range of media including grounds, oil pigment, soft pastels, charcoal, wax, and elements of collage to build diverse layers of colour and texture within my works. I then use various implements to mine into my pieces or to tear apart imagery. This methodology unearths subtleties and focuses on interactions between components of the planet and our place within it.

My interest in perception is informed by the affiliation we have with our unconscious and how that relates to the physical world. I self-reference details of my existing pieces to inspire new works. My practice embodies a repetitive format that includes the processes of drawing, painting, and print media. Through these channels my work embraces an interface with elements found in nature for which we have an affinity, and encompasses both historical and contemporary perspectives. My inquiries center on environmental stewardship and how that might manifest, as I blur the boundaries between the natural world and human identity.